Technology Innovation Since 1999

Launched in 1999, Scooch parent company PistolStar specializes in authentication solutions focused on the intersection of usability , security, auditing and compliance. The PistolStar family of products are tailored to fit precisely with your environment, helping you to simplify application logons while providing IT staff with functionality to safeguard access, provide alerts to login threats and enable strong compliance controls.

PistolStar launched PortalGuard®, the company’s flagship, all-in-one authentication extension targeted to the education vertical, in 2009. PortalGuard’s web-based identity management portal combines strong authentication with flexible, high-performance integration.

PistolStar's expanded solution to include small businesses and individuals with the launch of Scooch. A nimble single sign-on server with embedded cyberthreat protection, the Scooch secure local password vault can be run as a standalone device, virtual machine or on a cloud subscription basis.

PistolStar companies provide cutting-edge authentication solutions focused on security and efficiency-related technology challenges.


Improve business efficiency through nimble, innovative authentication solutions that safely accelerate web access.

Peace of Mind

Reduce security risks, control employee and contractor permissions and gain visibility into user access.


Enhance your security and lower operational costs with flexible deployment options that need your organization’s needs.


Highly-scalable solutions enable you to adapt more readily to changing business needs and conditions.


Configurable and customizable authentication solutions that acclimate to today’s dynamic online ecosystems.


The PistolStar family is your trusted partner for strategic authentication and security solutions for your business.

PistolStar is privately-funded and based in Bedford, NH. More than 600 enterprises with millions of users in the US and abroad rely on PistolStar technology to rely on PistolStar technology to secure their infrastructure at multiple levels without adversely impacting end-users’ productivity.

Our Promise

As a company and a team, we are committed to providing the solutions and support needed to meet your needs and overcome your challenges. We pledge to deliver an effective, tailored, easy-to-use product, along with dedicated, white-glove technical support and service, from first contact and ongoing as your solution provider.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality authentication software that maximizes usability and security. As an authority in authentication software, we proactively evolve our product line and introduce new solutions as user needs are identified.

Our Team

Our team of information technology, development and software professionals bring broad expertise from years of experience with business technology applications. Company leadership works closely with team members to define sales, marketing and product strategies that drive continued growth and success for the PistolStar family of companies.


Tom Hoey:
Chief Executive Officer

Loretta Keefe:
Chief Operating Officer

Gregg Browinski:
Chief Technology Officer