Convenience. Awareness. Protection. Control.
Guard your business efficiency and security with Scooch.
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What is Scooch?
A nimble, single sign-on software solution with embedded bookmarking functionality and cyberthreat protection
How does it work?

Scooch organizes and streamlines access to your daily web apps, increasing efficiency while protecting your critical data from unauthorized access.

  1. Use your LinkedIn, Google or Facebook     credentials to access all your daily apps
  2. Arrange your bookmarks in folders or tiles
  3. Acknowledge and act on cybersecurity alerts
That's it. Easy as 1, 2, 3.
Who benefits from Scooch?

Creating a nimble work environment
to maximize efficiency and security

Eliminate need to remember
or manage passwords

Cybersecurity warnings to
block phishing attempts

One click safely terminates
all logged in web sessions
Real-time feedback
on password strength

Seamless single-click
access to all your web apps

Easily accessible bookmarks
organized as you wish
I.T. Administrators

Supporting your mission to protect
your company’s data security

Eliminate wasted time on
password management and resets

Control employee and contractor
access (by individual or role)

Administrator insight into weak,
aged and shared passwords
Content filtering to block dangerous
sites and apps deemed not work-related

Automatic update of passwords
based on administrator-defined intervals

Real-time visibility into logged-in
users and cloud app usage

Scooch is your secure local password vault.
No more risky password practices.
No unauthorized users accessing sensitive business data.
And no phishing emails or cyberthreats wreaking havoc on your business.

Perfect for small to mid-sized businesses and other organizations that work with a large number of online applications daily.
It works on any device

You login to Scooch desktop, phone or tablet – whatever device you use in the office or when working remotely.

Sign-on once using your account for Facebook, LinkedIn or Google.

Your accounts and personalized bookmarks reside on all of your devices.

Scooch is state of the art.
Quickly accommodates to your environment.
Run Scooch on-premises as a standalone device or as a virtual machine on your server. It’s that versatile.
Saves time and improves efficiency.
Employees securely sign into all their work apps with access to their own bookmarks on all devices. Start saving your company hours of productivity every week.
Information Technology is happy.
Administrators have real-time visibility into who’s accessing which apps, providing oversight for licensing compliance and ability to block access to content unrelated to work.
Prevents cyberthreats and improves security.
Real-time password strength feedback for users.
Multifactor login support, phishing alerts and universal logout feature minimize unauthorized acccess.
You’re covered!
Your secure local password vault.
Run as a standalone device, virtual machine or cloud subscription
Power IN.
HDMI for a monitor.
Audio/Video input.
Ethernet to connect your network.
USB ports, plug your mouse, keyboard.
USB ports, plug your mouse, keyboard, and vault backup.
Significant growth in the SaaS market has provided businesses with access to critical web-based applications to run a business more efficiently.

In turn, employees become overwhelmed with passwords.

Organizations benefit from the ease of a secure single sign-on device for end-users to log in to these business applications.

Universal bookmarking functionality further enhances productivity and reduces employee frustration.
Growing numbers of apps and passwords stem cybersecurity concerns resulting from weak or vulnerable passwords, lack of IT oversight capabilities and forgetting to logout of sessions.

Opportunities are increased for cyberthreats, malware and phishing schemes to attack sensitive business data.

Scooch-in to daily web-based apps with ease and the added protection needed to thwart off unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Easy to use
  • Strengthens security
  • Enhances IT oversight
  • Improves efficiency
  • Reduces frustration
Unlimited users
(for 100 to 1,000 employees)
Supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Raspberry Pi 3