Convenience. Awareness. Protection. Control.
Guard your business efficiency and security with Scooch.
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What is Scooch?
A nimble, single sign-on software server with embedded cyberthreat protection.
How does it work?
  1. Sign in using LinkedIn or Google credentials
  2. Access any link from anywhere
  3. You are logged into cloud apps with a single click
That's it. Easy as 1, 2, 3.
Who benefits from Scooch?
Eliminate forgotten

Terminate logged-in
sessions with one-click
Accelerate employees'
web access

Early detection to
ward off phishing attempts
I.T. Administrators
Control employee and
contractor access

Identify poor and
common passwords used
Block access to overseas
and blacklisted sites

Real-time tracking of
cloud app usage

Your Customers
Improved efficiency

Controlling costs
Increased security of sensitive
business data
Scooch is your secure local password vault.
No struggling to remember passwords.
No wasted time searching.
And no more paper lists of passwords.
Perfect for small business teams of 10-500 people such as accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers or organizations that may lose a lot of time dealing with pesky passwords.
It works on any device
You login to Scooch desktop, phone, tablet – whatever device you use in the office or working remotely. Sign-on once using your account for Active Directory, LinkedIn or Google.
Scooch is state of the art
Quickly accommodates to your environment.
Run Scooch as a standalone device or as a virtual machine on your server. It’s that versatile.
Time saved.
Securely sign into all your work apps. Start saving your company hours of productivity every week.
Information Technology is happy.
In real-time, administrators will have visibility into who's accessing which apps. Administrators can white-label Scooch to match your company's branding.
Cybersecurity protection.
Admins notified about weak passwords. Universal logout button. Phishing checks. You’re covered!
Your secure local password vault.
Run as a standalone device, virtual machine or cloud subscription
Power IN.
HDMI for a monitor.
Audio/Video input.
Ethernet to connect your network.
USB ports, plug your mouse, keyboard.
USB ports, plug your mouse, keyboard, and vault backup.
The SaaS market is significantly growing which provides businesses with access to critical web-based applications to run a business more efficiently.

In turn, employees become overwhelmed with passwords.

Organizations benefit from the ease of a secure single sign-on device for end-users to log in to these business applications.
Growing numbers of apps and passwords stem cybersecurity concerns due to the use of weak and vulnerable passwords, and unknowingly forgetting to logout of sessions.

As a result, opportunities are increased for malware and phishing schemes to attack sensitive business data.

Scooch-in to daily web-based apps with ease and the added protection needed to thwart off unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  • Easy to use
  • Always secure
  • IT friendly
  • Saves time
  • Reduces frustration
As low as
Supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Raspberry Pi 3