The Scooch team is located in Noblesville, Indiana. Founded by a successful serial entrepreneur, John Stagge.

Each product is crafted to provide true value. Each team member is fully committed to serving you with world-class levels of customer service.

So, why Scooch?

"The answer is simple: there wasn't a case available that did what we wanted it to do. Looking at the cases out there, we saw two choices: protection cases and fashion cases. Each and every one we saw was simply a block of plastic that didn't do anything for you unless you dropped your phone. We knew we could provide something with more value. Something more useful. Something that would let you use your phone in all the ways it's meant to be used: as the new TV, the GPS, the social connector, and the memory maker while still protecting it. That's why we created Scooch. And with every product, we vow to create something useful that is worthy of your dollars."

- John Stagge, CEO and Founder

Why Did I Create Scooch?

Why The Name "Scooch"?