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It's an easy fix, just pinch it from the sides! Click here for a short video guide:

If that doesn't work, please reach out to us and we will replace it for free if you're within your 30-day return window. Otherwise, you can take advantage of our warranty.

As noted in our product listings, the Wingback may not adhere to certain silicone or highly textured cases. If you’re within your 30-day return window, feel free to contact our team for a full refund. We’ve got you covered!

The Wingback is designed to fit most horizontal car vents, though it may not be compatible with every one out there.

If your car vent doesn't work, try putting it in your CD slot! Some people have good luck trying that as well.

For an alternative (and possibly better) experience, we recommend using it with our Wingmount magnetic car mount, where it truly shines. The magnets in the Wingmount magically attract to the steel plate on the Wingback. Check out the Wingmount for a perfect pairing!

It's actually not a magnet, just a steel plate. It is designed to work with magnetic mounts like the Wingmount. Reach out to us if you need more help!

The Wingback may loosen up over time! We know it's unique and takes some getting used to. Just keep using it and you should get used to it!


As mentioned on our product listings online, the Wingmate is not compatible with wireless charging / MagSafe products. The Wingmate is however compatible with magnetic car mounts such as the Wingmount which has magnets embedded in the mount.

The steel plate that is embedded in the Wingmate is not a magnet, but it does attract magnets. It interferes with wireless / MagSafe charging. You can remove it and it might work with some wireless chargers, but results may vary and you may need to remove your credit cards.

It's actually not a magnet, just an embedded steel plate. It is designed to work with magnetic mounts like the Wingmount. Reach out to us if you need more help!


If your kickstand is stuck out, click here to learn how to fix your kickstand.

If that doesn't work and your case has a removable kickstand, click here to purchase a replacement kickstand.

If your case's kickstand is NOT removable and you are within your 1-year warranty period, click here to get a warranty replacement.


The Wingmount sticks best to flat pieces of shiny plastic on your dash. It won't stick to textured or leather surfaces, or any area that is not perfectly flat. Try moving it to a new area or reach out to our team if you need more help!


When we ship your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a USPS or DHL tracking number. You can track your order using that number here: Track My Order

Orders are shipped from our warehouse Monday through Friday by 2pm EST. U.S. shipping usually only takes 1-3 days but may take a little longer depending on USPS. DHL international shipping can take a while longer. Click here to read our Shipping Policy.

Unfortunately, we don't have a case for every phone model in our lineup. As a small business, we have to cater to the most popular phones. The good news is that we offer universal products that work with nearly any phone. Click here to check out our universal products.

To see if your product is covered by our 1-year warranty, click here.

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