Congratulations! You now own a Wingback!

Video Instructions:

Installation instructions:

1. Peel off the white film that protects the adhesive on the back.
2. The Wingback sticks best to perfectly flat, non-silicone, non-textured phone cases. Place the Wingback in the center of the back of your phone case.
3. Press down on the edges of the Wingback for about 15 seconds. Let it sit for 1 minute to make sure ithat the adhesive fully binds to your phone case.
4. Push your Wingback in the middle to pop it out!

How to remove the Wingback if needed:

We recommend using an old credit card or dental floss to remove the Wingback from your case since the adhesive is so strong. DO NOT pull the Wingback off your case by force. It will most likely damage your case or the Wingback. The Wingback can sometimes be reused on another phone case if the adhesive is still able to bind!


Most likely, yes! The Scooch Wingback is compatible with any case that is flat on the back and is made of a solid material like hard plastic. The Wingback will likely not stick to your case if it is highly textured or made of rubber or silicone.

Yes, the Wingback is compatible with the Wingmount! The Scooch logo on the Wingback is made of steel, which will easily magnetize to the Wingmount. The magnets are also safe for your phone! We highly recommend trying a Wingmount with your Wingback.

The best placement of the Scooch Wingback is centered on the back of your phone case.

We don’t recommend attaching the Wingback directly to your phone. Most modern smartphones have a glass back. The Wingback doesn't stick well to glass, and your phone could also be damaged when removing the Wingback. Instead, we recommend attaching the Wingback to the back of a flat, plastic phone case.

Unfortunately, no. The Wingback is not compatible with wireless charging.